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Mobile Phone Readiness Is Key To Your Website

In the not too distant past, it used to be enough to just have a website. However, that's just not true anymore.

Ready For A Secret?

Mobile devices are not going away. Even though you may not think this is much of a secret, it seems to be a bit of information that has not made it into the mainstream thinking of business owners just yet. Why? Well when you consider that 25% of small businesses (6.75 million) don't even have a website, that's none, nothing, how are they going to reach the ever increasing number of mobile shoppers? They won't, but they may wake up one day and realize they will need to shut their doors, unless they adapt.

When it comes to mobile friendly sites, businesses seem about as slow to understand the importance of this. Of the 75% of businesses who claim to have a website, 56% say theirs is responsive, or mobile ready. This means that only about 38% of small businesses have a website that is friendly to mobile users. (Source)

According to Forbes, there are about 27 million small businesses in the US. This means that only 11.3 million businesses have the foresight to cater to the mobile shopper. WOW! Think about that. There are 15.7 million businesses ignoring the greatest consumer boom of the 21st century. Talk about leaving money on the table.

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