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When Images Kill

Images are great, when optimized
You know the old saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words." Actually, this is probably very true. By nature, we humans are a visually oriented group. We would much rather look at a glowing sunset, than read about it. People are drawn to pictures. This is why the web is chock full of images. If your site uses images properly, it will be a way to entice visitors to continue on with your site.

However, there is a dangerous side to using images. Having images on your site, especially if you have a significant number of them(10+), can be hurtful to your efforts when it comes to page rankings. The images you use must be properly optimized for the web. A picture that is useful for print, can kill a website. Why? They are two different mediums with different requirements.

So how do you optimize your images for your website? This is what we will discuss.

The whole topic of image optimization can be quite extensive. However, in this series of articles, I am going to break it down into the most relevant issues that a small business website will deal with. These all relate to images on your website and their page ranking impact. The topics we will cover are the following,

  • Choose your images well
  • Sizing your image properly
  • Naming your images correctly
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Making Keywords Work For You

Keywords are key to SEO strategy
Keywords can make or break your SEO strategy.
Keywords are the life's blood for organic search results. That sounds like they are pretty important, wouldn't you say? I have used a couple of terms that might need some explaining, keywords and organic search. You already know what these are, you just maybe haven't heard them used. They both are very much related to each other.

Keywords are the words or word phrases that a person uses to search the internet for what they want. Organic Search Results are the search results that come back to the user when they use these keywords. Pretty simple, right? However, here's the rub.

If you are not using the right keyword/keyword phrases in your website, then your website will likely not be in the results returned by the search engine. You might show up on page 5, 10 or 128. Since most people don't look past page 2 of the results, you effectively don't show up.

So how do you make sure that you are using the most relevent keywords in your site, so that you do show up? Well, that is what we will talk about.

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When Facebook Isn't Enough

Facebook may not be enoughMany small business owners rely on Facebook as their main web presence. For some, this might be enough. However, for many who use Facebook as their "website", in reality, they are probably cheating themselves horribly.

Facebook is good for gaining initial exposure and for establishing a following, however there is a point reached when that small business will hit the proverbial brick wall.

What exactly is this brick wall? Well, let's talk about it.

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