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Lack of Visitors Comes From Page Rank Deficit

What Causes Page Rank Deficit?

GET LISTED ON PAGE 1 OF GOOGLE! Don't we all want that? However, the reality is that page 1 of Google search results is obviously some very prime real estate. Not everyone gets to live on the upscale side of town, or the internet. However, like the American dream, it is the pursuit of it that drives us on. It is the dream of being able to attain such a place that keeps us motivated.

When someone searches for a product or service and Google returns 2, 3 or 4 million results, only the top 10 get shown on page 1. Those who show up past page 2 suffer from Page Rank Deficit. There is a fair chance, if you have a website, that it also suffers from PRD (page rank deficit).

PRD is a symptom of poor SEO health. What are some of the reasons that can cause your site to suffer from Page Rank Deficit (PRD)? Below I will mention just a few things that can be very detrimental to your site's ranking.

Slow Loading Website

If your website fails to fully load in the visitor's browser in under 4 seconds (optimally it should load in less than 2 seconds), your site is considered slow-loading and is penalized for it by loss of ranking. How do you get your site to load faster than 4 seconds? There are many things that go into making your site fast loading, which will be covered in our Website Analysis.

Images Not Properly Optimized

If your website has more than a smattering of images, e.g. you use slideshows or a gallery of images, optimizing your images can have a DRASTIC effect on your webpage load time. The text of your webpage is next to nothing in size compared to images, or video.

Images should be optimized for the web. You should never under any circumstance directly load images from your camera to your website.

Images that come directly from your digital camera are really geared for the print media, not the web. An image coming from your camera can have a file size of anywhere from 1mb to 4-5mb, or larger. An image loaded to the web should ideally not be larger than 40-50kb. This is a massive difference.

There is more to image optimization than just its size, but it is a big one.

Lack of Keyword Strength

Keywords are the words or phrases that someone uses as search terms when using a search engine, like Google. If your website does not contain keywords that are most often used in search terms for your particular niche or product genre, you will likely not be ranked for those terms, hence you lose ranking spots. There are critical areas of your website where high-value keyword and keyword phrases should appear. If not, you cannot expect to gain any ranking for them.

Website Not Mobile Friendly

Google now considers whether a website is mobile friendly when calculating site ranking. This only makes sense, considering that over half of all local searches for goods and services come from mobile devices. If your website is not mobile friendly, your rankings will suffer.

Use Our Mobile Analyzer to see if your site is mobile friendly.

These four are some of the main causes of PRD.

So How Can You Fix Your Website's PRD?

  • Speed Up The Loading Time Of Your Site.
  • Optimize Your Site's Images.
  • Make Your Page Content More Keyword Targeted.
  • Make Sure Your Site Is Mobile Friendly.

I would advise you speak with your developer or webmaster and ask them to begin to fix these problems.

If you don't have anyone to tackle these problems for you, I would consider it an honor if you would allow us to tackle it for you.

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